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TAKE ACTION: H-2A Rule Harms NC's Farmers

The US Department of Labor (USDOL) is once again punishing our North Carolina Farmers.

USDOL has issued financially punitive and overly bureaucratic final rules that farmers must comply with to secure a legal workforce through the H-2A Guestworker Program.

Some members of our NC Congressional Delegation are working with their colleagues nationwide to successfully trigger the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to DISAPPROVE USDOL's new and harmful H-2A regulations.

The NC Ag Partnership is cooperating with American and NC Farm Bureau's Action Alert Campaigns to email our state's delegation to support our farmers by supporting the CRA to disapprove of the onerous new regulation.

You may not currently use the H-2A program -or- you may be a business that supplies or works with farmers. If these new rules stand, it will make the program even more difficult and expensive. If the rule stands, it will harm the economic well-being of our rural communities. We ask you to weigh in on this critical issue.

It's easy. You will access a secure webpage hosted by American Farm Bureau by clicking here. Please enter your name, address, email, and cell phone number. A message will automatically be sent to your specific House member and our 2 US Senators.

Only your name, address, and email will be shared with your member of Congress.

Thank you for taking action for North Carolina's Farmers!

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